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Ride On LabybirdPuddles Code HC0038*

Brand (Wheely Bugs)

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Wheelybugs can be ridden, pushed, pulled, kissed and cuddled!

These colourful ride on bugs, great for both boys and girls, almost have a magical mind of their own.

They are designed to offer hours of robust fun and help to promote self-confidence, spatial awareness and gross motor skills.

Wheelybug bodies have a padded layer of sponge which is covered with a tough layer of polyurethane leatheroid and can be easily wiped clean.

They are great to use on smooth level floors and ideal for indoors.

Multi-directional castors are rated at 30kg each giving a safe working load of 120kg

Dimensions: Length 39cm x Width 23.5cm x Height 31cm

Suitable for children aged 1 – 3 years