Djeco are a Paris based family company, specialising in highly imaginative and creative children’s toys.

They are the only brand in the world that successfully creates traditional toys with a fresh modern look.

Each product can take up to a year to travel from the design board to the shelves, and undergoes rigorous quality testing.

Using talented French illustrators, they create fun, interesting and magical games and toys which stimulate your child’s imagination, transporting them to a world they can explore and learn from. 

Maxi Chamboul - Knock Em Down

Price £19.99

Rocket Music Box

Price £23.50

Rondanimo - Wooden Screwing Toy

Price £13.50

Gaelle & Titouan Pancake Set

Price £14.99

Cerisette Fan

Price £7.50

Summer Garden Fan

Price £7.50

Transfers - Behind the Wheel

Price £6.99

Transfers - Sea, Mountain & Countryside

Price £6.99

Animal Felt Pictures - Gentle Creatures

Price £8.99