Two mumpreneurs started Cheeky Chompers while on maternity leave with their first children. The Neckerchew was born after lots of catch-ups with friends – where we witnessed countless dropped, dirty and lost teethers. Not to mention a gaggle of dribbling babies!

Sometimes the simplest ideas really are the best: if the teether won’t stay put, why not attach it to the baby?

Over nine months of long nights they put that little thought into action. They designed their bibs, sourced the best fabrics and materials, tested everything for safety and quality – and even found a brilliant manufacturer right here in the UK.

After all that, original chewy dribble bib the Neckerchew finally hit the shelves in 2013.

Textured Teethers - Darcy the Elephant

Price £8.95

Cheeky Animals Comfortchew

Price £15.99

Made with Love Neckerchew

Price £11.99

Ballerina Mice Comfortchew

Price £15.99

Ballerina Mice Neckerchew

Price £11.99